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Boost Your Followers

When it comes to growing your Instagram in 2019, it's not as easy as it was a year or two ago. With more than 1 Billion users, an advanced algorithm and a lot of creative brands using all kinds of methods and strategies, there is a lot of competition for the bid when you want to boost your followers.

In short, to keep up, you have to work hard and smart. We've written some great tips on how to hit your target audience, thereby gaining more followers on Instagram in 2019.

Get more followers with a complete and branded profile

If you want to get more visitors, the first thing to do is to see your profile in full. Your feed is your first opportunity for a good first impression and to get people smash that Follow button. Your profile is just as important as a website, so it's important that everything is spot on.

It doesn't take more than a few seconds to decide whether you want to follow a profile. Visitors will typically scroll down your profile and read your bio, and decide whether or not they want to follow. Some also choose to look at your story highlights, and that's just as important.

Your profile picture, your bio and coordinating your pictures have huge impact so make sure you really focus on this when you create your profile and keep it alive without posting too much. It's about finding the balance between too much and too little.

Adobe Lightroom is your friend

In addition to your information and your general look, it is important that the things you post are interesting, but also look super good. Lightroom is the perfect tool to enhance your photos - and the mobile app is free - so hurry up and get that now.

If you want to invest in your profile you can buy Lightroom Presets from professional photographers. A preset is like "filters" you know from eg. Snapchat. It is important that you find your own look and use the same presets throughout your profile as it will create a better overall look as well as the red thread throughout your profile.

Use Instagram Stories templates

If you use Instagram Stories often, which we recommend you do, then a good idea is to use templates. There are plenty of apps for this like Canva and Unfold to build templates. This gives a generally nicer look and creates more interest for your followers. It's important to get followers, but it's equally important that your followers remain followers.

Get more followers by using #Hashtags and Location Tags in your Instagram Stories

Hashtags and tags in general are great for gaining more followers, but just like with many other aspects of your profile, it's important to use specific tags, not too many, and to keep the same style every time you use a tag. When you use tags, your Instagram Stories can be displayed on the Expore page, which means that even people who don't follow you can still find you through your stories - if they like what they see, they can quickly be converted to followers.

You can use a little trick / hack by adding hashtags and saving them by reducing the font size or using the same background as your image.

Share Selfies to Get More Followers

Yep, you heard right, selfies give followers. The reason for this is that your profile must be social and personal, and something that people can relate to. It's okay to show your weaknesses, but make sure every selfie istaken with a proper camera and that you use the right presets. Don't forget to not post selfies all the time as they should be just relatable but not take over your entire profile.

Use other platforms to promote your instagram profile

Your strategy may well be outside of Instagram's platform, but just remember to do this as a supplement, as Instagram is of course the most important medium to use. You can use other channels like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to appeal to new followers by posting interesting content. Cross-promoting your Instagram content is an easy way to get new followers or convert your followers from other platforms to Instagram followers.

Buy followers

If you do not have the patience or time - because of course you spend all your energy on your content - then it is a good idea to buy followers. This can be done to kickstart your profile or boost your image for the public.

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